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Renegotiating the rules for media consumption on the Internet.

The Beyond Platforms Initiative aims to renegotiate the rules for media consumption on the Internet. The aim is to build up alternative access and establish a media infrastructure of its own. This is the only way to ensure that social networks and platforms become a commodity in the long term and thus break their position of power. This is not about imitating large social media networks. Instead, we want to work on a media system and therefore on media services that are based on standards, interoperability and decentralization. The most important thing in this context is that it is first and foremost about infrastructure, structures and the technology. We need to ensure the distribution of media in the digital sphere in order to bring competition back to the content level.  

The Beyond Platforms initiative is (still) a network of people looking for a better digital ecosystem for media. The loose exchange and many conversations led to the realization that, on the one hand, the topic is connectable and many people in the media industry are concerned with it and, on the other hand, it takes not only words but also results. Thus, a network emerged from the common interest, which has been supported by the City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and nextMedia.Hamburg since mid-2021.

Our members

Bertram Gugel

Bertram Gugel

Head of Product Management ARD online

Florian Hager

Intendant des Hessischen Rundfunks
Markus Heidmeier

Markus Heidmeier


Oliver Koch

Gründer / Geschäftsfüher TeraVolt GmbH
Kemal Görgülü

Kemal Görgülü

Jonas Bedford-Strohm

Jonas Bedford-Strohm

Strategy Communications Manager ARD


our steering committee

Bild Nina Klaß

Nina Klaß

Leiterin nextMedia.Hamburg

Egbert Rühl

Geschäftsführer Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Karsten Schwaiger

Karsten Schwaiger

Referent Medien- und Digitalwirtschaft bei Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg

Stella Frank

Projektmanagerin nextMedia.Hamburg


There are many different points of connection for partnerships, at the workshop and beyond::


Support workshop: with active participants, coaches or something for your thirst and stomach.


Map of the status quo: What does the technology landscape look like today? What know-how, technologies and expertise is available in-house in the industry? Information and assistance in understanding the status quo.


Content directory: As a first step, it would be helpful to generate a directory of potential content. APIs and standards of the providers are necessary for this.


Theme sponsorships: All topics need attention – sponsorships, resources and, of course, money.


Watch and Spread: All results will be presented at our event and all interested parties are invited and we welcome attention to the narrative developed there.


Stella Frank


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