We have developed a 5-level model to describe the requirements and characteristics of new media infrastructures. We develop alternatives on these levels – values, infrastructure, content, business model and experience. To do so we have formed teams that are gradually working out concrete concepts. The current status of the teams is shown on the individual subpages.


BPI is not a media library or a platform. Beyond is an experience.

The mission of the Experience team is to find out who the users are and what their needs are. Or to stay in the analogy of urban planning: Who are the residents? What do they want from the city? What does the city look like (to whom)? How do the residents experience the city? How do they find the “right” things in the city?



The organization providing the mechanics of the platform has no commercial interest.

Mission of the Content team: How does content get in and out? What are the mechanics by which discoverability works? 



Open access to all necessary standard components and interfaces is ensured by the BPI.

Mission of the Infrastructure team: Development of a technical architecture model for media offerings of the future and provision of the components required for this. Identification of the status quo. Goal: Overview of tools / components / standards. Development and provision of missing components: Tools / standards / components etc.


Business Model

The organization providing the mechanics of the platform has no commercial interest.

Mission of the content/business team: How does content get up and down? What are the mechanics of how discoverability works?



A shared set of values only adds value when it has more democratic legitimacy.

Mission of the Values team: to set the framework for a shared, participatory discussion about values. With the goal of creating a foundation/DNA for an initiative to create a digital public space.